Home Building Process Steps


Developing Vision

(1-2 weeks required)

  • Initial Consultation
    • Kimbrell Builders begins by scheduling an initial consultation with the client in South Carolina. This meeting
      allows the company to understand the client’s vision, needs, and goals for their project.
  • Site Assessment
    • The team conducts a thorough site assessment to evaluate the existing conditions, constraints, and
      possibilities. This assessment helps develop a realistic plan aligned with the client’s vision.
  • Collaboration and Ideation
    • Kimbrell Builders engages in collaborative discussions with the client, offering expert advice and creative solutions to
      refine and solidify the vision. The team explores various design options and possibilities to meet the client’s needs.
  • Concept Development
    • Based on the client’s input and preferences, Kimbrell Builders creates preliminary concepts and visual representations
      to provide the client with a clear idea of the potential project outcome.


Floor Plans

(2-4 weeks required)

  • Detailed Measurements
    • Kimbrell Builders takes precise measurements of the site and existing structures to create accurate floor plans. This
      step ensures the plans are tailored to fit the available space and meet the client’s requirements.
  • Customized Design
    • The company’s skilled architects and designers develop customized floor plans that incorporate the client’s vision,
      functional needs, and aesthetic preferences. To optimize the design, they pay attention to details such as room layouts,
      traffic flow, and architectural features.
  • Iterative Design Process
    • Kimbrell Builders involves the client in the design process, seeking feedback and making necessary revisions. This
      iterative approach ensures that the final floor plans reflect the client’s vision and provide a solid foundation for the
      upcoming construction phase.
  • Finalization and Approval
    • Once the floor plans are refined and finalized, Kimbrell Builders presents them to the client for approval. The company
      addresses any remaining concerns or modifications before moving forward.



(2 weeks required)

  • Detailed Project Assessment
    • Kimbrell Builders conducts a comprehensive project assessment, considering the scope of work, materials needed, labor
      requirements, and potential challenges. This evaluation helps in providing an accurate estimate.
  • Cost Analysis
    • The company analyzes the costs associated with the project, including material costs, subcontractor fees, and any
      additional expenses. They consider the specific requirements of the client’s project to provide a detailed and
      transparent estimate.
  • Proposal Preparation
    • Kimbrell Builders prepares a comprehensive proposal outlining the estimated costs, project timeline, and other pertinent
      details. The proposal is presented to the client for review and discussion.
  • Client Consultation
    • The company openly communicates with the client, addressing their questions and concerns regarding the estimate. They
      provide explanations and guidance to ensure the client understands the projected costs and the value of the proposed


Building Contract

(1 week required)

  • Document Preparation
    • Kimbrell Builders prepares the building contract, which includes the terms and conditions of the project, payment
      schedules, and any specific legal requirements. This document ensures clarity and protects the interests of both parties
  • Contract Review
    • The company reviews the contract with the client, explaining each section and ensuring that all terms are understood.
      They make any necessary adjustments based on client feedback to reach a mutually agreed-upon contract.
  • Legal Compliance
    • Kimbrell Builders ensures that the contract complies with local regulations and laws governing construction projects in
      South Carolina. This step ensures that the project proceeds smoothly and within the legal framework.
  • Contract Signing
    • Once all parties are satisfied with the contract terms, the client signs the document, officially initiating the
      project. Kimbrell Builders retains a signed copy for their records.



(6-8 months required)

  • Permit Acquisition
    • Kimbrell Builders handles the necessary permits and approvals for the construction project. They handle the paperwork
      and liaise with the appropriate authorities to ensure compliance with local regulations.
  • Material Procurement
    • The company procures high-quality materials required for the project, considering the client’s preferences and the
      specifications outlined in the contract. They prioritize using reputable suppliers to ensure the longevity and quality
      of the construction.
  • Skilled Construction Team
    • Kimbrell Builders assigns a skilled and experienced construction team to execute the project. The team follows industry
      best practices, adhering to safety protocols and maintaining open lines of communication with the client throughout the
      construction process.
  • Regular Updates and Completion
    • Kimbrell Builders provides regular progress updates to clients, informing them about milestones and significant
      developments. They work diligently to complete the construction within the agreed-upon timeline, delivering a project
      that meets the client’s expectations.